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Soap dish

Soap dish


Handmade from toasted stoneware soap dish

Hand build from toasted stoneware clay with the gentle imprint of lace and complimented with teal glaze.

The dish has six holes for the moister drainage and four small supporting legs.

Ideal for soap bars.

All stoneware pottery is glazed with food safe, dishwasher safe & microwave safe glazes.

Every item is hand build and cared for with love to bring out quirky individuality of each item. All items are glazed in the same manner but can come out with different results which compliments uniques of each pottery piece.


H- 2cm

L- 13cm

W- 9cm

Toasted Stoneware

Dishwasher safe

Note: the soap is not included.

Bee Happy Studio is a small pottery studio in the heart of Scottish Highlands. We love making unique pieces of pottery only in small batches to preserve uniqueness & individuality of each piece of pottery. Our stoneware pottery is glazed with magnificent bursts of colour capturing the spectacular surroundings here in the Scottish Highlands.

The packaging is 90% environmentally friendly. We try as much as possible up-cycle our packaging so nothing has been wasted and we encourage our customers to do the same.

If you wish to order larger quantities or custom items ,please message us! Usually it takes around 4-5weeks to complete the order depending on the quantity or size of the item.

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